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The Ballad of Sam the Tamer
Morale was low and tensions high
Amongst that motley crew
And Sam's attempts to pacify
Just worsened things anew
"Stay out of this, kid," Jian snapped
"I don't need your control."
His face softened as Sam shrank back
"It's not your fault," he consoled
Sam shrugged, wondering if it was
Since he'd first wanted this
All this trouble, just because
He made a stupid wish!
The fights reminded Sam of home
And how his parents fought
He felt so homesick, and alone
I'm screwing up, he thought
"This isn't working," Axel said,
"We shouldn't want to fight
The stress is getting to our heads.
We need to do this right
But nothing's going to get done
If we can't get along
Let's take the day off, have some fun,
Now, would that be so wrong?"
"Sounds great to me," Emmi replied,
"That's what we all deserve.
No offense-- I like you guys,
But you're getting on my nerves."
"Yeah, same here," admitted Gale
Without a hint of shame
"Your company is growing stale.
Sorry to complain."
Jian nodded. "Same for me.
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 1 18
3D Origami Kylo Ren's lightsaber by SilverAndFold 3D Origami Kylo Ren's lightsaber :iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 2 19
Almost there
Just a few more weeks of school
Not sure if I can make it
I just have to survive
(If I'm dead inside, just fake it)
My final's coming fast
Guess I'll have to take it
Need cookies for my stress
Of course, then I can bake it
The rule says they're not allowed
But you know what? I'll just break it
And if I see an escape...
You bet I'm going to take it.
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 0 23
I dreamed a silent dream
Of darkness, nothing more
And then I heard the cry
Of a softly calling door
"Come to me, child," it said
And I was not afraid
It opened; all went white
But before the light could fade...
I woke to sunlit rays
And life, joy and regret
Last night I dreamed a dream
It isn't over yet
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 3 0
3D Origami Litwick diagram by SilverAndFold 3D Origami Litwick diagram :iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 2 0 3D Origami Litwick by SilverAndFold 3D Origami Litwick :iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 4 13
What I do on prom night
When everyone else gets dressed up
The nights of this year's prom
I'll stay home, as always
Watching Netflix with my mom
Nothing like a murder show
For wholesome family bonding
Yelling at the characters,
They don't end up responding
Occasionally we'll venture
To the kitchen for a snack
"Pause the show, just for a sec
I promise I'll be back."
Or sometimes, if we're feeling
Motivated on that night
We might leave to buy some ice cream
Go home, savor every bite
We're such antisocial introverts
Together, and it's great
Death in Paradise is way better than
Going on a date
Because, to speak quite bluntly
It would be a waste of time
To be at some boring party
Instead of here would be a crime
And then, on top of that,
The fact that I don't like to dance
So tell me truly: what's the point
Of giving it a chance?
Your response... Just silence
And the sound of chirping crickets
So I won't even bother
Wasting money on a ticket
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 1 3
That's what my band teacher hates
Flip the bottles round and round
Play with the horn of your instrument down
Always play a measure late
That’s what my band teacher hates
Play off key on every rest
Miss band to make up a science test
Finger along; don’t play, just fake
Always ask for a bathroom break
Don’t practice the difficult parts, just whine
Call it an oboe ONE MORE TIME
Mess up and always pass the blame
Insist that every song is lame
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 0 0
I've always tried
To stay away
Block out the nasty
Things they say
Wonder who's laughing
In twenty years?
They'll be stuck in jail
I'll have a career
...or will I? This is when
In creep my doubts
Some days they whisper
Others they shout
What if I die
And nobody cares?
A tree falls, no one hears
Was the tree ever there?
For a while I've been falling
In entropic mush
I need to escape
All I need is a push
Set ablaze my passion
I want to burn
Make me for
Something greater, yearn
Let me burn bright
Ignite my soul
In my consumption
Be made whole
I want to do more
Than merely survive
To prove I exist
To feel... Alive
Yes, I'm an idealist
Just tryin' to convey
The thoughts that haunt
My mind today
So maybe I'm crazy
To see what they can't
It's not there, but it could be
That's why I decant
Some only see
The here and the now
Never ask what,
Never care how
But vigilance,
So frowned upon,
To know the ending's
Not forgone
To make what others
Cannot see
Bring dreams into
I walk this path
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 1 0
Comments vs. Favorites
Oh wow, I love this artwork
The critics all shall rave
It's so unique and touching
I should leave a fav
But if I leave a favorite
I should leave a comment too
I mean, it's just polite
The corteous thing to do
Okay, I'll leave a comment
Oh, but what to say?
Will they think that I'm too shallow?
Or request I go away?
And what if they don't like it?
What do I do then?
Do I apologize and hide a while?
Will it happen again?
But I really love this piece
But what if they don't respond?
Should I watch this person?
How often are they on?
Maybe I'll just fave it...
But will they take offense?
Will they think that I'm a jerk?
Or my actions make no sense?
What if they don't want feedback?
I mean, it takes all kinds
No, that's kind of stupid
I don't think they'd mind
Okay, I'll leave a comment
So they don't think I'm a snob
I should think of something good
Um... Yeah, so... Good job!
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 10 6
The Ghost of the Librarian
Late at night she haunts these halls
She drifts midst tomes and lore
Last seen 'neath the funeral pall
Alas, she lives no more
Shelving so methodically
Forgotten books with care
And then, periodically
Laments-- to empty air:
"My home has fallen from its grace
to disarray and ruin
A dark and cold, forsaken place
And 'cross the floor, books strewn
The children's laughter, bright and loud
It's absence like a void
I long now for that gorgeous sound
When once, I grew annoyed
The silence is what gets me most
So utterly alone
Rusalka, bookworm, loner, ghost
But always on my own
'twas my love of words profound
That bade me stay up late
Now to this place, my soul is bound
A rather fitting fate
Yet once we both were filled with life
This library and I
The air was with contentment rife
Each chair was occupied
This library, in days of old
Oh, once it was a sight!
A trove of knowledge, bright and bold
A beacon, shining bright
A gath'ring place for scholars
Who came far to seek it out
Now the number
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 0 4
The Raven (Finals version)
Once upon a midnight dreary
While I studied, weak and weary
O'er many a topic I had understood before
I tried to keep myself from weeping--
I wished so badly to be sleeping
Until I heard a knocking, knocking at my bedroom door
"What the heck?" I said (too loudly)
"Who dares interrupt so proudly
When I have important tests to study for?"
It's just the dog, I was desperately hoping
Then I heard the door creak open
And entered a black raven, who then uttered, "Nevermore."
I asked, "Is this some kind of joke?"
The bird did nothing more, but croaked-
Wait- you can guess it- freaking NEVERMORE.
"Gee," I said sarcastically,
"A talking bird has come for me.
I wonder where I've heard of this before."
The bird glared at me balefully,
And then once more it deigned to speak.
It's vocabulary consisted of one word, and nothing more.
"Get out of here you stupid bird!
You're such an interrupting turd!"
I shouted at the raven- and then I slammed the door.
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 2 13
Pear Apocolypse
Well, seems it's everywhere
At least, here on this site
'cause it's a biting pear
And please don't ask me why
Although I must admit
It has me curious, this pear
Don't you wonder, just a bit?
Or rather, are you scared?
That without us knowing
The pears are getting strong
The pearish threat is growing
You know it won't be long
Until the world is dominated
By this oddly grinning fruit
For so long, it has waited
Grown, and taken root
The day of pears is coming
You'd better be pre-peared
Sorry for my punning
Those with badges will be spared
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 3 0
The night of the concert
The stage was set, the musicians prepared
It seemed nothing could go wrong
The conductor came onstage and bowed,
And started the band's first song.
At first it seemed that all was well
'Til they reached measure twenty eight
When the trumpets made their entrance
Off key, and a measure late
They were quick to recover
And did, by measure thirty one
But the saxes were a beat ahead
The damage had been done
The flutes rushed ahead a bar,
Thinking they were the ones behind
The percussion section slowed it down,
Following their own time
The conductor frantically waved his baton
Until he lost his grip.
It sailed upwards, then hit a light
Which slowly began to slip
The stage light fell into a tuba's horn
The tuba player, thinking fast
Sent it flying a safe distance away
With one almighty blast
The rogue piece of equipment, billowing smoke
Landed near the back curtain
The band thought that the danger had passed
But the audience was much less certain
The conductor used his spare baton
And the band
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 0 0
The truth comes out
You fought your way past evil teams
And then you saved the world
It seems surreal, as if a dream
(The logic comes unfurled...)
You listened to the radio
And you were bored to tears
It said nothing you didn't know
But what if, all these years...
If the entire thing was staged
Right from the very start
The way that you just never aged
And you were always part
Of all the world changing events
That seemed to come your way
The ones that never quite made sense
But always turned out okay
You know the entertainment's bad
So don't even deny
Yet no one had complaints to add
Did you ever wonder why?
Maybe you can't figure out
So I'll give you a clue
You're being stalked, without a doubt
By a camera crew
You never noticed, all this time?
(It's pretty hard to miss...)
What, still don't believe me? Fine.
Then let me tell you this:
You ever wonder why Brock left?
'Cause he got sick of you
He charged so much they thought it theft
And began the search for someone new
Misty truly cared for you
But you w
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 1 5
Mega Stone Diagram by SilverAndFold Mega Stone Diagram :iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 1 0


A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge- HG by pettyartist A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge- HG :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 701 375 NCLG-- Part 1 by pettyartist NCLG-- Part 1 :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 941 152 NuzRooke by DragonwolfRooke NuzRooke :icondragonwolfrooke:DragonwolfRooke 90 26 Growlithe Plush by Kurosakou Growlithe Plush :iconkurosakou:Kurosakou 32 10 Pikachu Hat Tutorial by nikkiswimmer Pikachu Hat Tutorial :iconnikkiswimmer:nikkiswimmer 1,385 223 Glaceon Sewing Tutorial by garrenn Glaceon Sewing Tutorial :icongarrenn:garrenn 292 175 How to Make a Dragonair Plush by saiyamewome How to Make a Dragonair Plush :iconsaiyamewome:saiyamewome 1,122 133 Sylveon Costume Part 2 by PokemonMasta Sylveon Costume Part 2 :iconpokemonmasta:PokemonMasta 72 28 origami dress by oasiaris origami dress :iconoasiaris:oasiaris 266 159 How to Add Ears by clearkid How to Add Ears :iconclearkid:clearkid 1,884 167 How to Color Fleece Eyes by clearkid How to Color Fleece Eyes :iconclearkid:clearkid 910 91 Fire Red Nuzlocke 33 by french-teapot Fire Red Nuzlocke 33 :iconfrench-teapot:french-teapot 254 71 Mornings... by SilyaBeeodess Mornings... :iconsilyabeeodess:SilyaBeeodess 21 5 Phoenix by Fallingwater13 Phoenix :iconfallingwater13:Fallingwater13 7 2
Guardians of Secrets, Chapter 7- A Plan
“I have an idea!” Morgan proclaimed perhaps two weeks later at lunch. We all edged away from her as she set her tray down. “What?”
Jake spoke first. “It’s just that you seem to be the type whose ideas revolve around getting back at people who have offended you in questionably legal endeavors.”
“I’m also the type who already knew you would say that and prepared a bribe.” Morgan said, pulling out a tupperware container full of...
“Cookies? Score.” I said, pulling open the container and biting into one. “So what was it you wanted to do?”
“I’m going to release Jerry’s Riolu.” Morgan said, her voice so even I couldn’t decide if she was joking.
“You mean steal.” Yatri clarified. “Right?”
“Well, it’s not like it’ll ruin him. You’ve seen that tentacool he got.” Morgan replied, neither confirming nor denying Yatri’s accusat
:iconthetruegge:TheTRUEgge 1 2
How to get feedback on dA
We all joined this site, more or less for this reason, to get feedback on our art. The whole point of submitting art online is for people to see it and hear what they think about it. 
Now there are a lot of deviants out there who get little to no feedback and as a result ask the people who faved their art to comment or go to random people on dA and ask for them to look at their art or comment in the hopes that the person will be kind enough to return the favor. 
A message to the people who do that, you're doing it all wrong.
Sure, if you ask 20 people who faved your drawing what they thought about it, you might get 1 or 2 answers, but in return, you'll be ignored by say 10 people and you'll annoy 8 people. I get these comments and i'm telling you, begging for feedback is not the way to go, if someone didn't comment when they fave, what makes you think forcing their hand is the right way to go? 
A fav is a compliment, take it a it is. Not everyone has
:iconyuuza:Yuuza 583 312
These are a few of my favorite things...
Great, now I'll have that song from The Sound of Music stuck in my head all day.



Though form may fall to darkness
And time, dear memories take
Our bond, our trust, the endless sky,
These things will never fade.
Gone, but forever in my heart
Morale was low and tensions high
Amongst that motley crew
And Sam's attempts to pacify
Just worsened things anew

"Stay out of this, kid," Jian snapped
"I don't need your control."
His face softened as Sam shrank back
"It's not your fault," he consoled

Sam shrugged, wondering if it was
Since he'd first wanted this
All this trouble, just because
He made a stupid wish!

The fights reminded Sam of home
And how his parents fought
He felt so homesick, and alone
I'm screwing up, he thought

"This isn't working," Axel said,
"We shouldn't want to fight
The stress is getting to our heads.
We need to do this right

But nothing's going to get done
If we can't get along
Let's take the day off, have some fun,
Now, would that be so wrong?"

"Sounds great to me," Emmi replied,
"That's what we all deserve.
No offense-- I like you guys,
But you're getting on my nerves."

"Yeah, same here," admitted Gale
Without a hint of shame
"Your company is growing stale.
Sorry to complain."

Jian nodded. "Same for me.
Perhaps I'll go explore
I'm sure there must be sights to see
For I've been growing bored."

"Well," Tessa proclaimed at last,
"It seems that's settled, then.
You've all been feeling stressed, harassed,
And maybe bored again,

So let's split up-- just for a day
We'll meet back here tonight
And then continue on our way
So, does that sound alright?"

The trio nodded their assent
Relieved to have a break
And separately, off they went
For all their sanity's sake

Axel said, "That leaves us three
Tessa, Sam, and I
What should we do, while we're free?
Anything we need to buy?"

"No," said Tessa, "We're well stocked
Hey, Sam, are you okay?
The whole way here, you've barely talked
That I've heard, anyway."

"Well... Not really," Sam confessed
"Since I'm the one to blame
I caused all of this, I guess
It's more than just a game."

Tessa looked him in the eye, said
"Kid, don't blame yourself
Guilt will just mess up your head
And we're all here to help."

"All except for Emmi, Gale,
And Jian, you mean.
It's not like they all really bailed,
It's just so unforeseen."

Sam sighed. "I know they need some space
But what should we do now?
I'm feeling anxious 'bout our pace
I don't want to slow down."

Axel took Sam by the hand
Said, "Listen, it's okay
We'll continue, save the land,
Enjoy yourself a day

You're a tourist in this place
So why not just enjoy?
Life's a journey, not a race
And you are just a boy."

"Okay," Sam said, and took a breath
"I'll try this for a while
I guess since all the others left
It might be worth a trial

I've been so worried since I came
I just want to go home
But I must say that all the same
I'm glad I'm not alone"

"That's good," Axel said, relieved
"Why don't we browse the streets?"
"Oh, just browse?" Tessa teased
"Not find a place to eat?"

"Well, if we see one," he replied
"I'd hate to turn it down
But let's just walk, since the outside's
The best part of a town"

The trio wandered down a road
No place to go in mind
Sam looked around, suddenly slowed
And almost fell behind

He'd been here in this world not long
And thought he’d seen it all
But pushing his way past the throng
He suddenly felt small

He really was a stranger here
Maybe Axel was right
He should observe, and without fear
Of danger, or a fight

So was it possible to now
See things with open eyes?
Forget the whys, forget the hows
Let himself be surprised?

He watched pedestrians go by
With a sense of newfound awe
He took them in with wondering eyes,
Amazed at what he saw

Tessa noticed, and matched his pace
“What’s wrong?” She asked the boy
“Nothing’s wrong, it’s just… this place.
It’s meant to be enjoyed,”

“I’m glad you finally see that way
See, Hoenn’s not so bad!
I know it’s going to be okay.
There’s good times to be had.”

Sam smiled at Tessa, then said, “Thanks.
And about that Pokemon...”
He pointed. “I kinda drew a blank.
I had it, but it's gone.”

“She's a Shinx,” Tessa replied
“I guess you might not know...
Well, good thing you have a guide
To show you where to go

Those are Eevees by the store
The cashier’s a Butterfree
And that guy's a bulbasaur
Over there, a Cherubi"

Two young lovers then walked past
Content as they could be
"Grovyle," Tessa said when Sam asked,
"And the pink one's Celebi."

"If she's a grass type, why's she pink?
Unless... A shiny 'mon?!?"
She shrugged. "More common than you think.
We'll fall behind, come on."

The two caught up to Axel, and
Continued on their way
And Sam, he who could save the land
Was glad they’d stopped a day
The Ballad of Sam the Tamer
For this contest:
Hope I got the characters right!

Also: yes, I included Grovyle and Celebi in this. Don't judge me, okay? I really like Explorers of Sky.


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You know how everyone has that one crazy friend? Well, that's me.

I'm a student trying to improve my origami, and I like to write poetry. I'm also a conspiracy theorist, mainly on the Pokemon world but also the government. And the government in the Pokemon world. Eventually, I'd like to make a literature Nuzlocke, partially just for the sake of nerdiness, and partially to see how many conspiracy theories I can fit into one story.

I love crafting, apple cider, Explorers of Sky, baking, reading, and inside pockets.

I don't do commissions or requests, but I'd be okay with tags.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. And if you like the concept of 3d origami, go ahead and try it! It's very relaxing, and I can probably direct you to some good learning resources.

Frankie, if you're reading this, hello! Not sure if you've made an account or not, but if you have, I can show you how some stuff works on this site.

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