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3D Origami Key Stone Diagram by SilverAndFold 3D Origami Key Stone Diagram :iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 1 0
The Epic of Boss the Dragonslayer
The fierce winds howled; the night was dark
The Gyrados rampaged
Outlined against the sky, in stark
Contrast, beauty and rage
"It's beautiful," whispered Boss,
The mighty Butterfree
"It is my quest, the rest is dross
Behold, my destiny!"
"All my life led up to here
This one defining fight
I'll slay the monster without fear
Come on, you know I'm right."
Since I met you, it's been fate!
So let me fight it, Rooke!"
It must be slain, ere it's too late
And don't give me that look.
"For I would rather fall to it
Pass into myth and lore
Than some Rattata's lucky crit
And be spoke of no more.
"So I beseech you once again:
Let me face the beast
And if I meet my final end
I'll have done that, at least."
"Boss," Rooke said, with new respect
"You know you're crazy, right?
The craziest I've ever met
To try and take this fight
"I cannot stop you, can I?
So go forth, win for me
And please, Boss, don't you die."
Boss grinned. "Yes! DESTINYYYYYY!"
And with that final parting word
Ascended for his duel
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 1 2
3D Origami Pokeball earrings by SilverAndFold 3D Origami Pokeball earrings :iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 4 0 3D Origami Mega Stone by SilverAndFold 3D Origami Mega Stone :iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 9 10
The Ballad of Sam the Tamer
Morale was low and tensions high
Amongst that motley crew
And Sam's attempts to pacify
Just worsened things anew
"Stay out of this, kid," Jian snapped
"I don't need your control."
His face softened as Sam shrank back
"It's not your fault," he consoled
Sam shrugged, wondering if it was
Since he'd first wanted this
All this trouble, just because
He made a stupid wish!
The fights reminded Sam of home
And how his parents fought
He felt so homesick, and alone
I'm screwing up, he thought
"This isn't working," Axel said,
"We shouldn't want to fight
The stress is getting to our heads.
We need to do this right
But nothing's going to get done
If we can't get along
Let's take the day off, have some fun,
Now, would that be so wrong?"
"Sounds great to me," Emmi replied,
"That's what we all deserve.
No offense-- I like you guys,
But you're getting on my nerves."
"Yeah, same here," admitted Gale
Without a hint of shame
"Your company is growing stale.
Sorry to complain."
Jian nodded. "Same for me.
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 1 18
3D Origami Kylo Ren's lightsaber by SilverAndFold 3D Origami Kylo Ren's lightsaber :iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 2 19
Almost there
Just a few more weeks of school
Not sure if I can make it
I just have to survive
(If I'm dead inside, just fake it)
My final's coming fast
Guess I'll have to take it
Need cookies for my stress
Of course, then I can bake it
The rule says they're not allowed
But you know what? I'll just break it
And if I see an escape...
You bet I'm going to take it.
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 0 23
I dreamed a silent dream
Of darkness, nothing more
And then I heard the cry
Of a softly calling door
"Come to me, child," it said
And I was not afraid
It opened; all went white
But before the light could fade...
I woke to sunlit rays
And life, joy and regret
Last night I dreamed a dream
It isn't over yet
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 3 0
3D Origami Litwick diagram by SilverAndFold 3D Origami Litwick diagram :iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 2 0 3D Origami Litwick by SilverAndFold 3D Origami Litwick :iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 5 13
What I do on prom night
When everyone else gets dressed up
The nights of this year's prom
I'll stay home, as always
Watching Netflix with my mom
Nothing like a murder show
For wholesome family bonding
Yelling at the characters,
They don't end up responding
Occasionally we'll venture
To the kitchen for a snack
"Pause the show, just for a sec
I promise I'll be back."
Or sometimes, if we're feeling
Motivated on that night
We might leave to buy some ice cream
Go home, savor every bite
We're such antisocial introverts
Together, and it's great
Death in Paradise is way better than
Going on a date
Because, to speak quite bluntly
It would be a waste of time
To be at some boring party
Instead of here would be a crime
And then, on top of that,
The fact that I don't like to dance
So tell me truly: what's the point
Of giving it a chance?
Your response... Just silence
And the sound of chirping crickets
So I won't even bother
Wasting money on a ticket
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 1 3
That's what my band teacher hates
Flip the bottles round and round
Play with the horn of your instrument down
Always play a measure late
That’s what my band teacher hates
Play off key on every rest
Miss band to make up a science test
Finger along; don’t play, just fake
Always ask for a bathroom break
Don’t practice the difficult parts, just whine
Call it an oboe ONE MORE TIME
Mess up and always pass the blame
Insist that every song is lame
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 0 0
I've always tried
To stay away
Block out the nasty
Things they say
Wonder who's laughing
In twenty years?
They'll be stuck in jail
I'll have a career
...or will I? This is when
In creep my doubts
Some days they whisper
Others they shout
What if I die
And nobody cares?
A tree falls, no one hears
Was the tree ever there?
For a while I've been falling
In entropic mush
I need to escape
All I need is a push
Set ablaze my passion
I want to burn
Make me for
Something greater, yearn
Let me burn bright
Ignite my soul
In my consumption
Be made whole
I want to do more
Than merely survive
To prove I exist
To feel... Alive
Yes, I'm an idealist
Just tryin' to convey
The thoughts that haunt
My mind today
So maybe I'm crazy
To see what they can't
It's not there, but it could be
That's why I decant
Some only see
The here and the now
Never ask what,
Never care how
But vigilance,
So frowned upon,
To know the ending's
Not forgone
To make what others
Cannot see
Bring dreams into
I walk this path
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 1 0
Comments vs. Favorites
Oh wow, I love this artwork
The critics all shall rave
It's so unique and touching
I should leave a fav
But if I leave a favorite
I should leave a comment too
I mean, it's just polite
The corteous thing to do
Okay, I'll leave a comment
Oh, but what to say?
Will they think that I'm too shallow?
Or request I go away?
And what if they don't like it?
What do I do then?
Do I apologize and hide a while?
Will it happen again?
But I really love this piece
But what if they don't respond?
Should I watch this person?
How often are they on?
Maybe I'll just fave it...
But will they take offense?
Will they think that I'm a jerk?
Or my actions make no sense?
What if they don't want feedback?
I mean, it takes all kinds
No, that's kind of stupid
I don't think they'd mind
Okay, I'll leave a comment
So they don't think I'm a snob
I should think of something good
Um... Yeah, so... Good job!
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 14 6
The Ghost of the Librarian
Late at night she haunts these halls
She drifts midst tomes and lore
Last seen 'neath the funeral pall
Alas, she lives no more
Shelving so methodically
Forgotten books with care
And then, periodically
Laments-- to empty air:
"My home has fallen from its grace
to disarray and ruin
A dark and cold, forsaken place
And 'cross the floor, books strewn
The children's laughter, bright and loud
It's absence like a void
I long now for that gorgeous sound
When once, I grew annoyed
The silence is what gets me most
So utterly alone
Rusalka, bookworm, loner, ghost
But always on my own
'twas my love of words profound
That bade me stay up late
Now to this place, my soul is bound
A rather fitting fate
Yet once we both were filled with life
This library and I
The air was with contentment rife
Each chair was occupied
This library, in days of old
Oh, once it was a sight!
A trove of knowledge, bright and bold
A beacon, shining bright
A gath'ring place for scholars
Who came far to seek it out
Now the number
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 0 4
The Raven (Finals version)
Once upon a midnight dreary
While I studied, weak and weary
O'er many a topic I had understood before
I tried to keep myself from weeping--
I wished so badly to be sleeping
Until I heard a knocking, knocking at my bedroom door
"What the heck?" I said (too loudly)
"Who dares interrupt so proudly
When I have important tests to study for?"
It's just the dog, I was desperately hoping
Then I heard the door creak open
And entered a black raven, who then uttered, "Nevermore."
I asked, "Is this some kind of joke?"
The bird did nothing more, but croaked-
Wait- you can guess it- freaking NEVERMORE.
"Gee," I said sarcastically,
"A talking bird has come for me.
I wonder where I've heard of this before."
The bird glared at me balefully,
And then once more it deigned to speak.
It's vocabulary consisted of one word, and nothing more.
"Get out of here you stupid bird!
You're such an interrupting turd!"
I shouted at the raven- and then I slammed the door.
:iconsilverandfold:SilverAndFold 2 13


Blue eyed silver tabby by Fallingwater13 Blue eyed silver tabby :iconfallingwater13:Fallingwater13 3 0 Kit's Nuzlocke adventure 1 by kitfox-crimson Kit's Nuzlocke adventure 1 :iconkitfox-crimson:kitfox-crimson 406 484 Doodle Tuesday 4! by TheTRUEgge Doodle Tuesday 4! :iconthetruegge:TheTRUEgge 6 10 The Storytellers by DragonwolfRooke The Storytellers :icondragonwolfrooke:DragonwolfRooke 269 36 VFQuest 019: Bloodwork by sulfurbunny VFQuest 019: Bloodwork :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 71 77 VFQuest Episode 1 - Quest Begin! by sulfurbunny VFQuest Episode 1 - Quest Begin! :iconsulfurbunny:sulfurbunny 81 41 Pokeball Trading Card Glass Pendant by BlackManaBurning Pokeball Trading Card Glass Pendant :iconblackmanaburning:BlackManaBurning 31 0 sand drag by raellyx sand drag :iconraellyx:raellyx 10 10 Serene Cover by Pokecat624 Serene Cover :iconpokecat624:Pokecat624 6 13 A Group of Misfits Cover by Pokecat624 A Group of Misfits Cover :iconpokecat624:Pokecat624 15 11 Pokesona ref! by DragonBlast71 Pokesona ref! :icondragonblast71:DragonBlast71 82 45 Polymer Clay - E01 - P01 by DragonBlast71 Polymer Clay - E01 - P01 :icondragonblast71:DragonBlast71 15 10 Oshawott Pokemon Hat by GoupyCat Oshawott Pokemon Hat :icongoupycat:GoupyCat 5 0 Jutopa's Blue Challenge Vol 1. Cover Page by Jutopa Jutopa's Blue Challenge Vol 1. Cover Page :iconjutopa:Jutopa 93 30
Dear World (read description)
No, not all girly girls are sluts
No, not all tomboys are lesbians
No, not all boys showing a damned small sign of emotion are gay and/or "weak"
No, not all men are abusers
No, not all straight cis people are discriminative
No, no gender is completely innocent
No, gay men aren't the same as pedophiles
No, gender identity and sexual preferences are NOT the same
No, autism and other mental illnesses aren't an excuse to be a jerk to other people
No, autism isn't an insult nor a disease
No, Asperger's is DIFFERENT from autism, just in the spectrum, but not the same
No, your political views aren't a reason to be a jerk
No, your religious views aren't a reason to be a jerk
No, just because you don't believe in a certain god doesn't allow you to dismiss people who do believe in something
No, just because you disagree with someone's lifestyle doesn't allow you to discriminate them
No, "free speech" isn't what you think it is
No, being a conformist isn't the same as having an "open mind"
No, cr
:icondragonblast71:DragonBlast71 716 122
Shiny Cyndaquil Plush by DumbFluffStuff Shiny Cyndaquil Plush :icondumbfluffstuff:DumbFluffStuff 7 0
These are a few of my favorite things...
Great, now I'll have that song from The Sound of Music stuck in my head all day.



Everybody asks if I'm okay
My first instinct is to tell them, "Yes."
I'm clearly not, so why's that what I say?
So that's when I decide I should confess:

"Well, really, no. Right now I feel like crap."
I look around,and know they feel the same
I see right then that we all feel like that
Which takes away a little of the pain

I hug some people whom I barely know
I feel a little better, but not much
How can I smile? And why'd he have to go?
It's too late now, I should have stayed in touch

It's far too quiet without him around
We listen to the silent, awful sound
Depressing sonnet #1
Some stuff happened lately, and... I'm dealing with it, but it's tough. I'll be okay in time, but for now, I'm just going to have to work through it. I made this a scrap because I don't really want to bother everyone else with my emotional crap.
Tagged (back) by :iconthetruegge:

1. How many people would you consider your friends?
2. How many people would you consider enemies?
Let's see... how many politicians are in Washington? Oh, and three boys my age, as well as one girl two years older than me.
3. Thoughts on school?
Ah, yes. School, a place of learning where complete and utter idiots go about their meaningless consumer driven lives as I try to get an education that will prepare me for the real world. Yeah, fantastic. On the other hand, most of the teachers are nice, and I guess I should be more social, so, yeah.
4. A cashier asks you why you want fries with that. How do you respond?
"Möchte ich Pommes mit das? Nein, danke. Deine Pommes schmecken schrecklich, und sie sind sehr teuer. Tötes deine Pommes mit feuer! Aber... es tut mir leid, du sprecht nicht Deutsch. Auf Wiedersehen, Schnabeltier!"
(Translation:Would I like fries with that? No, thanks. Your fries taste terrible, and they are very expensive. Kill your fries with fire! But... sorry, you don't speak German. Until we meet again, platypus!) Any native german speakers, feel free to correct anything I've gotten wrong here.
5. Do you believe you could happily live as an underwater basket-weaver?
How would I even live as an underwater basket weaver? I don't have gills.
6. Do you have any embarrassing habits? You don't need to share them, just say yes or no
7. Are you cooooooool?
8. Favorite form of art?
You can't force me to pick!
9. What is an opinion?
Something everyone should respect, even if it's stupid.
10. What is a sport?
When a bunch of hormonal idiots go tossing an object around a field in a desperate attempt to defend their male pride. Well, that's American football anyways. The others are okay.
11. Why are you answering all of these questions?
Because I can let loose my inner Katerina (from The Taming of the Shrew)
12. Anything snarky to say?
*takes a deep breath*
Yes. I honestly think that the only reason girls go vegan is so that they have something to talk about. I also despise fidget spinners, because the common excuse is "they help with AD(H)D" but you know what? They're also USELESS. Yeah, I said it. If people want something to do with their hands, they can do something that doesn't irritate everyone within earshot. Knit a sweater quietly, or whatever. Or get one of those fidget toys. Oh, and Donald Trump is actually a shaved Orangutan with a spray tan, blonde wig, and the vocabulary of a third grader plus some buzzwords. And Romeo and Juliet is Shakespeare's worst play. Fight me.

Hey, you asked for snark, didn't you?
13. Thoughts on this number?
I don't have triskaidekaphobia, if that's what you're asking. (look it up)
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  • Drinking: I'm still a minor; I don't drink


SilverAndFold's Profile Picture
That one crazy friend
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
United States
You know how everyone has that one crazy friend? Well, that's me.

I'm a student trying to improve my origami, and I like to write poetry. I'm also a conspiracy theorist, and a pokemon nerd. Eventually, I'd like to make a literature Nuzlocke, partially just for the sake of nerdiness, and partially to see how many conspiracy theories I can fit into one story. I need to make enough of a buffer first before I start posting, though, but the conspiracy theories are going to be...interesting.

I don't do commissions or requests, but I'd be okay with tags.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. And if you like the concept of 3d origami, go ahead and try it! It's very relaxing, and I can probably direct you to some good learning resources.

Frankie, if you're reading this, hello! Not sure if you've made an account or not, but if you have, I can show you how some stuff works on this site.

Anyone else, feel free to say hello! I promise I don't bite. Often.

Hey look, stamps!
Eevee Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Books Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Nightowl Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Unown Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Skillet Stamp by TheSaladMan Kakuna Rattata Stamp by Kezzi-Rose There is no Shaymin by GhettoSketchah Bayleef by HisMissDolly Everyone Has Stamp by hahaha-huhuhu The Book is better by Hellboundiam

German: Beginner Level by SovietSparkleParty American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Language stamp: Sarcasm lvl expert by Alpanu


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